Beautycounter Consultant in Honolulu Hawaii

Are you looking to get some Beautycounter products shipped to your door in Hawaii?  Your best bet is to go to and your shipment will usually get here within a week.  If you’d like to get up to 44% off your order read my story below.


If you’d like to become a Beautycounter Consultant and be a part of an amazing team of locals who will help you grow your business without having to be an “MLM Aunty” give me a call at (808) 427-2711.

How Beautycounter Helps My Family Stay in Hawaii

Growing up here in the islands meant that I was surrounded by beauty.  Our culture, the music, the people, the landscape are filled with beauty.  My Dad used to say that we didn’t need to go anywhere else because we already lived in the most beautiful place on the planet.  There was a sense of pride that came along with that knowledge.

When I got married, I got a chance to see the world.  My husband and I ventured off to places like Fiji, Brazil, Mozambique and Australia.  There were many breathtakingly beautiful places we saw along the way.  But there was a part of me missed my island paradise.  I missed my family most of all.  So naturally, I was excited and happy when my husband said we would be moving back to Hawaii.

When we did make it back to Oahu.  I was surprised by how expensive everything was.  I guess I never knew just how much my parents had paid to take care of our family.  When we moved back home our cost of living tripled!  If you live here, then you know what I’m talking about.


Local Beautycounter Support

Whether we admit it or not, we have our own ways of doing things here in the islands.  There are things that might fly in other parts of the world that we just don’t do here.  Sometimes it’s nice to have someone who knows how we do things.  You can’t make sales if you’ve offended everyone in the room, right?!


Why Become a Beautycounter Consultant in Honolulu

As far as I know, there are still relatively few consultants here in the islands, let alone Oahu.  There are plenty of people who have never even heard of Beautycounter here.  I joined a local team here and I’m really glad I did.  When I did my first social, my mentor called another gal on our team and she came out to support.  That was really nice.  Having three consultants there really helped me to feel better.  When I didn’t know the answers to the questions I was being asked, my team members were there to help me.  Also, I don’t know what my first social would’ve looked like if my mentor was on the mainland.  Would she have had to skype?  Would I have been on my own?

When everyone on the mainland has gone to sleep, the girls from Hawaii can still talk with one another and provide support for each other.  (Side note: We have a fabulous Director on the Mainland but it is nice to have locals on-call.)

Meet with Me

One of the nice things about having a Beautycounter Consultant on island is that we can meet up.  When you try the products and smell them and feel them on your skin, they sell themselves.  Someone once sent me Beautycounter Daily Shampoo and Daily Conditioner samples.  I couldn’t believe how amazing they felt. It has the best lather of any shampoo I’ve ever used.

It was one of the first products I got hooked on.

I think it’s so important to handle the products especially when it comes to the makeup.  I really don’t like having to send things back once I’ve ordered them, so I always try to make sure that I really like the product before I get it shipped.  When you meet with a consultant on the island, she can help you to choose the right shades for your skintone.  It’s harder to do that online.  Not impossible though.  I did it.  (I was using Beautycounter products before I knew that anyone was selling it here in Hawaii.)

The BEST DEAL on Beautycounter Products

One of the biggest selling points for me was when a Beautycounter consultant told me how much she regretted not buying more products when she initially joined.  Money was tight and she purchased a medium sized kit.  She said–and I too have experienced this since then–that no matter what size Starter Set you get, you will want to have more products so it is best to get as many as you possibly can at this price.

Basically, when you join, you pay for your Enrollment Kit $85 and one of three Starter Sets.  The Classics is the smallest set with products valued at a total of $424 and is priced at $249 for a savings of 41%.  The Essential Head-to-Toe Collection is still significantly bigger and includes $780 of total value at 44% savings for $449.  And the largest set has products valued at $1,309 and is priced at $749 for a savings of 44%.  All in all, these products are significantly less expensive when you buy them when you join.  It is the best deal.

When I joined, my mentor was offering a free foundation to the next person who joined her team.  Her mentor was offering a free moisturizer.  And Beautycounter was offering two mascaras and a Limited Edition makeup palette.  If you are on the fence: tell me that you read this and want me to sweeten the deal.  I’ll see what I can do.

Surprises: Additional Benefits to Becoming a Beautycounter Consultant

I’ve always been kind of shy around people.  Not even new people.  All people.  Sometimes even around my family.  I am a total homebody.  I love being home. I’m an introvert and so I really like to recharge by myself.  That’s why I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the fact that I’m loving the girls on my team.  It’s been really nice when they’ve sent me encouraging messages regarding my sales.  When my first week of sales went really, really well, they were so awesome.  And they voluntarily came to my launch social to help.  They have been very generous in their support.

I’ll be honest.  It took me a long time to join the team.  I had been using the products for 2 years before I decided to jump in.  I loved the products.  I mean, I loved them so much that I would ask for them at Christmastime and for my birthday.  The problem was that I was afraid that I wasn’t good enough.  I told myself that I was a poor salesperson who had no friends.  I told myself that no one would buy from me.  One of the most surprising things has been the success I’ve experienced so far.  Despite my doubts, my launch was a success!  Every single guest bought something!  I’ve almost made as much money at this, as I make at my job!  Now, I go to work and I feel lighter.  I feel like, I’ll be able to quit one day.  And that is a great feeling.

I’ve never been in sales before so when I started making a ton of sales, I experienced a high I’ve never felt before.  I asked my mentor if this is how they feel all the time.  It feels good to be winning at something I didn’t even think I was capable of.  It feels good to prove myself wrong.  I haven’t felt this strong or empowered in a long time.

When you join Beautycounter, you’re joining a group of women who are helping to bring positive change into the world.  For years, I’ve felt like people should be doing more for the planet and pushing for change in harmful or absent legislation.  This group, this movement, is doing just that.  Every year, on the anniversary of the inception of the company BC Consultants contact their legislators to help make the cosmetics industry safer.  For years, I’ve wanted safer beauty products, but it never occurred to me to advocate change at a government level.  It makes me feel good to know that I’m no longer just thinking about making the world better, I am making the world better.