I was a freaking mess. We were missionaries, planting a church in Waikiki, Hawaii amongst the homeless. We had been receiving support from our home church when something happened and they were forced to cut our support. We had no idea how we were going to make ends meet. We had so little money it was a miracle that we weren’t homeless ourselves.

I wore many hats in those days. I was the housekeeper, cook and teacher in our 550 square foot apartment. I worked 2 jobs. I wasn’t doing any of it well. I struggled to get organized. I fumbled through the days in a daze. I spent what seemed like an endless amount of time cleaning and the rest of the time crying.

I wanted to be like the Proverbs 31 woman. There was a woman who had her life together. Not only was her house clean but she had help. She had more than enough. Her family was well-fed, well-clothed and respected. I’d read about her life filled with jaded cynicism. I thought, do you know how hard I work? How exhausted I am? How can I possibly build businesses, run my household, help the poor, and increase profits? It didn’t seem remotely possible.

Then the pandemic hit and we moved. My priorities changed. I got more rest. I read more. I spent more time with my family. During that time, I read a book that changed my life. Slight Edge helped me to view my life as a series of tiny, miniscule changes over time. I realized that in order to change my life, I could make little adjustments every day.

This seemed entirely possible.
I started by coming up with a vision for every area of my life. I asked myself what it would look like if I were to be successful in that area. And then I came up with something that I could do that day to take action. Without realizing it, I was beginning to form the P31 Life Journal. By making small steps towards my goals every day, I would change my life for the better.
Writing down my I am statements and my slight edge steps became second nature. The hardest part of the whole thing became having to write out the categories in my journal. My husband saw me doing this and decided to make my journal for me. I wouldn’t have to write all the prompts because it would be done for me. The P31 Life Journal is the result.

Today, my life looks very different than it used to. It has definitely changed for the better. I can be unfocused and unmotivated (I call it creative dreaming) and the journal keeps me on track. I know that if I just do the little tasks I’ve assigned myself for the day, my life is getting better in every single area. And while I’m not where I want to be yet, I know I’m on my way.