Ever since we started having children, my husband and I decided that we would institute Mommy Night and Daddy Night.  On Mommy Night I say goodbye to my hubby and kiddos and get away for a few hours.  Sometimes I go shopping with my mom, or eat with friends or do some reading somewhere.  It’s a chance to recharge and refresh.

One night, I was out on my Mommy Night enjoying a cup of hot tea and a good book when I got a text from my husband saying, “Don’t get mad”.  Of course, I immediately start to freak out. He goes on to tell me that my son had gotten a hold of my makeup bag.  Oh man!  I have to tell you, I was a little mad.  Hundreds of dollars worth of makeup!  You’ve got to be kidding me!  I was out for blood but then my hubby sent me a picture of my son looking so apologetic.  I just couldn’t stay mad at that little face.

The guilty party.

He was almost in the clear.  I just had one final question.  I asked my husband RK which makeup bag he had destroyed.  See, I had two makeup bags.  One with a hodgepodge a makeup I’ve been given from my Mom and sister.  It was makeup they’d received from free gifts at department stores or Sephora or things they no longer wanted.  The other makeup bag had my Beautycounter products in it.

I love my Beautycounter products so much that I used to use the makeup on special occasions only.  I was waiting to replace it all as I ran out of product.  To my relief, he had found my every day makeup bag.  My Beautycounter makeup was safe!  All was well in the world.

So despite the fact that he had taken my mascara and painted stripes on the sheets, taken my eyeliner and colored the walls my son got to live.  Of course.  I love my son.  He’s a total handful but I absolutely love him.

When I reflect on this incident, I can’t help but laugh.  This was not the first time my son did something destructive.  I asked myself why I calmed down so quickly.  I really think it had to do with the fact that he hadn’t destroyed my good makeup.

The aftermath.

The more I learn about the makeup industry, the more convinced I become that it isn’t the cost of the makeup that matters but the quality of the ingredients within them.  I just learned that there are at least 9,000 distinctly different ingredients used in personal care products.   This number includes chemicals linked to hormone disruption and even known carcinogens like coal tar and formaldehyde. And the most shocking part of it all is that personal care product makers are not required to test their ingredients before adding them to products and selling them.

So, in a way, my son did me a favor.  Who knows what was in those products?  😉

Learn more about products that get the green light from the Environmental Working Group and two thumbs up from me here.