September is all about transitioning.  After a relaxing Summer of countless beach days and staycations, it seems we get thrown back into the fray with increased work responsibilities, back to school prep, and changing weather.  I couldn’t figure out if I was the only one dealing with stressed skin.  I was reading an article in Real Simple (because who doesn’t want to hit the easy button on life…) called Your Survival Guide for Stressed Skin by Stacey Colino.  Here’s what dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, associate professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City and author of Simple Skin Beauty had to say:

“If you have a skin flare-up, try a 40-day detox. Skin renewal can take about 40 days for people in their 40s, for example.  Stop all scrubs, toners, and masks.  Use warm water and a clean washcloth to cleanse your face; if you want to use a cleanser, stick with a creamy, soap-free one.  Follow with a gentle eye cream and moisturizer, and use sun protection generously.  When stressed, people often pick at their bumps–don’t!  That will lead to more irritation.  After your detox, you can begin the reentry of ‘extras’.  Add an antioxidant serum daily for two weeks, then a growth factor serum at night.  When your skin is in a good place, reintroduce exfoliants, one at a time.  Most important, talk with your dermatologist about treatments that would help.”

Soap-free Cleanser

Rejuvenating Face Cleanser is my favorite soap-free cleanser.

If you type the words soap free cleanser into Google, you’ll find dozens of options ranging in price from $6 to $43.  But what exactly is a soap-free cleanser and why exactly should we use them?  Soap-free cleansers use emulsifying agents to remove fats and oils that build up on your skin.  When it comes to cleaning your body, soap will get the job done, but to prevent a water-oil imbalance on the face, a soap-free cleanser can be just what you need.

Soap-free products are a good choice for those with allergies and sensitive skin types where you want a product that is less harsh and drying.  Of course, not all soap-free cleansers are created equal.  The amount of oil a soap-free product washes away depends on what’s in it.  

But what about cleansers that don’t foam?  Non-lathering cleansers are good for dryer skin as the oil found in the cleanser can add to the skin’s oil.  It is not a good choice for people with acne-prone skin.  However, if you are experiencing dryness this Fall, Nourishing Cream Cleanser may be your solution.






Fall Skin Survival Guide

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