Well, the good news is that finding a Beautycounter Consultant is easier than you think.  The Beautycounter website is still the best way to find a consultant however, I have found that the consultant locator is still a bit flawed at the moment.  I will explain more later.  Read on to find out how to find a Beautycounter Consultant.

Update: They’ve fixed a lot of the old website problems!  The new search is much better than it was.  However, finding the search for a consultant is not very intuitive.  For some reason it in the section labeled “Join Us”.  I don’t think that makes a lot of sense but I’ve added the new search directions below.

Why I Personally Do Not Recommend Connect with a Consultant

The first and easiest way to find a Beautycounter Consultant is to go directly to Beautycounter.com.  In the top left hand corner of the Home Page you will find 3 parallel lines.  This will open up a left side navigation bar of options. Click on the one that says “JOIN US” and you’re well on your way to finding a consultant.  The first way to find a consultant is to select Connect with a Consultant.  When you select this option you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire.  Your name and email address are then sent to a consultant of the company’s choosing.  Supposedly they are supposed to pair you up with the consultant that is closest to you.  Unfortunately, I have found that this was not the case for me and so I cannot recommend Connect with a Consultant.

I only knew how Connect with a Consultant worked in theory but I wanted to know exactly how it worked.  I had my husband request information.  His name, address, email and phone number were inputted into the form.  I said he was interested in becoming a Band of Beauty Member and said that he heard about Beautycounter through his wife.  🙂  I sent the form in and was immediately sent an automatic response saying that a consultant would be getting back to me within 48 hours.  That was good.  But when my husband received an email the next day, it was from someone on a completely different island.  This is a disappointment as there are many consultants on my island, including me.  I would think that the consultant closest to my husband would be the one that has the same address he does.  So, I’m not exactly sure why the system didn’t pick that up.  Perhaps it’s because the person they directed the question to is a Director.  I’m not sure.  It seems to me that the system doesn’t seem to be able to find the consultant closest to you.  You would know that better than it would.  Which brings me to the next way to find a consultant.

Search By Location

To the left of the section called Connect with a Consultant you will find a section entitled Already Know a Consultant?  There you can search by consultant or by location. When you select Search By Location you can enter your zip code and find someone anywhere from 5 to 100 miles from you.  The funny thing is, the consultant they had given my husband’s info to only shows up when you select the 100 mile search radius.  They picked the consultant who was the furthest from me.  Bygones.

I do recommend this search.  It will pull up all the consultants, and the city and state they are in along with a link to their Beautycounter webpage.  The old web page used to leave your search results down in a place you couldn’t see them.  I’m happy to report that the new site will make the list of consultants pop up.  Yay!  So. Much.  Better.  All the consultants near you will be there.  Pictures and all.  Just be sure to look at their locations.  I did notice that there were some consultants from others states showing up in my search results.

Search by Consultant

If you already have the Consultant ID of the person you’re looking for (and I have no idea why you’d have that without a person’s name) you can enter that information into Search by Consultant.  What’s nice about this search is that you can also find someone by their first or last name (once again…don’t know why you’d only have that bit of info, though).  This is a great way to find that consultant you met whose last name was unpronounceable but whose first name was easy enough.  🙂

How to Find a Beautycounter Consultant Creatively

Go to Instagram and search for #jointhemovement, #beautycounter(your city name), #saferskincare, #safercosmetics, #itsamissionnotamovement, #beautycounterconsultant(your city name).  Go to Facebook and search Beautycounter Consultant.  Pinterest is also a good choice.  Many consultants choose to make boards with all their Beautycounter things.  Google is still one of my favorites.  The only thing that bugs me about Google is that they still let those lame companies that make Directories show up at the top of the search.  I opened one of those so-called directories and it didn’t have a single consultant listed in my area!  As it turns out, they want consultants to pay them to show up in the search.  So unless you pay, you won’t even be listed!  So lame.  And on top of that, if you did end up paying and another consultant came along and paid more than they would show up ahead of you in the cue.  I think its robbery.  Those directories shouldn’t even show up when they have nothing in them that’s relevant to your search.

If you’re looking for a specific consultant I recommend Search by Consultant.  And if you want a consultant that lives in your neck of the woods I recommend Search by Location.  If you’re looking for someone who will help you to become a consultant yourself.  Look for a consultant who is already selling the way you’d want to sell.  If you’re an extrovert who loves to host socials and throw killer parties, find a consultant that’s really good at that to be your mentor.  If you’re an introvert and don’t want to throw parties and want to build a strong online presence, find a consultant with top spots on Google.  If you love social media and posting is your thing, find a consultant who has mastered social media to mentor you.  I hope this helped to show you how to find a Beautycounter Consultant with ease!

Connect with a Beautycounter Consultant

The good news is, you don’t have to look very far to find a Beautycounter Consultant.  Hi!  I’m Kelike!  I’m a consultant and I’d love to help!  Feel free to shop and connect with me here.