One of my fellow Beautycounter consultants –who is also an esthetician– was recently asked to give her take on the washcloth.  She confirmed what I have been instinctively feeling lately.  I just started using a warm wash cloth with my nightly skin care routine and I am loving it.  She has many insights and tips and I learned a lot.  Hopefully, this article helps you on your journey to beautiful skin.

This was taken from a post on Facebook and was shared with permission from Emilie Spruill.  Enjoy!

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The Wash Cloth

Let’s have some real talk about one of my most affirmed and asked about pieces of skincare advice: the wash cloth. #washclothsmatter #estheticianlife #asktheesthetician#lifeexperience #skincareadvice

I’ve been an esthetician for many years, working in skincare since 1999. I’ve had the pleasure of helping many women and men to achieve their best skin ever. I think nothing is a bigger factor overall than the products you choose- and that includes diet, stress and heredity. Can those things affect your skin? Yes. Must they? No. I have lived through clear but dull skin, adult acne, hormonal breakouts, workout/lifestyle induced breakouts, now perfectly clear skin, and I’ve learned a ton about specific skin needs. Ultimately though, I believe the products you choose to use AM and PM (just like brushing your teeth), have the biggest impact on your skin. They can make or break your results. For my friends and clients, I exclusively recommend Beautycounter. I believe in their mission, I’ve seen and experienced the results and their safety and transparency standards are unparalleled.

Classic Two Dozen Value Pack Terry Cloth Washcloths / Face Towels – 100% Cotton Terrycloth Economy Wash Cloth

All this being said, here are my personal words of wisdom for you, no matter your skin type. It will change your skincare game for the better. Remove your cleanser morning and night with a fresh warm, wet wash cloth. Take a wash cloth out of your drawer or maybe you have them in a basket, hold under warm-hot water, wring out and gently wipe all cleanser residue away. When you use a cleanser, it’s job is to dissolve and break down sweat, dirt, makeup, pollution, etc. however splashing alone does not remove all of that from the surface of your skin. I don’t care if you’re using bar soap, foamy cleanser, creamy cleanser etc, your face is not getting a thorough rinse by splashing. Imagine if you sprayed your kitchen floors with cleanser and then haphazardly splashed water at it a few times. Think all of that floor cleaner and dirt would just magically evaporate forever? No, the floors would remain spotty and sticky with a messy film. This is the same as your skin. Now, instead, we would likely take a clean wet mop/ sponge etc, and swiftly wipe up that soapy solution leaving the floors clean and clear. This is just like our skin- trust me- a twice daily wash cloth wipe to remove your cleanser will change your life.I DO use a fresh wash cloth each time. At the end of the week, it’s still just one load of towels!

I do NOT use white wash cloths because they will get dingy and I don’t use bleach. I’m highly sensitive to it, it’s toxic and it’s the only reason my skin and face burn and itch during cruise or hotel stays!

I do use inexpensive bundles of wash cloths from the Target or Marshall’s endcaps! I love grey but coordinate your bathroom colors! Dark ones are best for removing the charcoal mask!

Get enough to wash 2x a day so 14 per week. (2 bundles of 8 at Target below for total of $5.98) you are welcome! Remember it’s still ONE load of rags/ towels! Not a big deal.

Your laundry wash selection is critical. Bleach, C/D/F rated detergents, fragrance etc will easily cause irritation or redness and you’ll blame your products so I recommend Molly’s Suds or Seventh Generation FREE and CLEAR POWDER/ both on Amazon Prime or Seventh Generation Free and Clear Pods at Target 🎯 !!!! If you prefer liquid, try Better Life or Attitude. (Seventh Generation liquid contains Methylisothiazilinone- this is a major eczema trigger).

This also gives you a gentle exfoliation experience which lends to the benefit.

Follow with your Beautycounter serum, AM or PM moisturizer and eye cream.