Beauty Supply Store

If your looking for a beauty supply store in Honolulu, you’ve come to the right place!  We are an online boutique specializing in safer skincare and cosmetics;  a new take on the traditional brick and mortar Beauty Supply Store.  You might be wondering just how we are different from every other beauty store out there.  Let me tell you.  Did you know that the beauty industry as a whole is largely unregulated?  They can do and say almost anything without repercussions.  The use of known toxins is still common practice today.  How is that even possible you might ask.  There is just not enough government oversight.  Luckily, there are some companies looking to change all of that.  Beautycounter is one of those companies.   With a mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone and a passion to change current legislation in favor of consumers and the environment, Beautycounter is leading the charge in safer beauty supplies.  So what can you expect to find at our beauty supply store?  Read on to find out.

Beauty Supply Shop Near Me

One of the nicest things about Beautycounter is that they are as near to you as your phone or computer is.  When you order from Beautycounter, you are getting some of the safest, high-performing products on the market today.  Not only do they use some of the latest naturally derived ingredients, but they also have some of the highest standards of any beauty company out there.  You don’t even have to leave the comforts of your home to get your supplies.

Beauty Supply Stores Near Me

If you need a product quickly, you could try asking a Beautycounter Consultant for help.  One of the best things about speaking with a consultant is that many times they have a bunch of the products available to sample or try.  You can try our cosmetics and skincare products in the place of your choosing when you do this.  When you schedule a one on one meet up with a consultant, it’s like having the shop come to you.  There may not be many beauty supply stores near you, but I’m sure there is a Beautycounter Consultant near you who would love to help.

Beauty Supply Store Near Me – Open Now!

Typical Beauty Supply Stores have certain hours.  Brick and mortar stores are expensive.  They have to pay their employees and keep the lights on.  The nice thing about Beautycounter is that it really is a beauty supply store near you that’s open all the time.  Granted, customer service is usually only available on weekdays.  But who needs customer service when you have a consultant to help you?!  Beautycounter Consultants are typically people who were once simply customers but fell in love with the brand and the mission.  They will typically have their absolute favorites–the products that left them coming back for more and they’d love to share with you.  If you want to know how to save up to 42% on Beautycounter products click here.

This store isn’t your typical Beauty Supply Store–it’s better.  It’s better because when companies don’t have to pay giant overheads to keep the lights on, they can focus on creating better products.  It’s better because Beautycounter is a Certified B Corporation.  That means they care about the environment and people as much as they care about the bottom line.  That’s huge.  It’s better because Beautycounter holds itself to higher standards than the ones we currently have in the beauty industry by personally banning 1,500 harmful ingredients from use in any of their products.  You’d be hard pressed to find a company doing that much for it’s customers.  It’s better because when you buy safer products, you are voting with your dollars.  You are telling other companies that health and safety matters to you.