Beautycounter Consultant Locator

Find a Beautycounter Consultant – **UPDATE**

Beautycounter has updated their website again.  If you are looking for a Beautycounter consultant you will have to hover over the header ‘Join’ and then click on ‘Find a Brand Advocate’.  From there, you can search by first name, last name, city, state or zip code.

When you search for a consultant by location, you can type in your zip code and your preferred search radius in miles.  I typed in my zip code and found that it turned up 52 consultants in the same area!  I show up in the third row!  Of course, with a first name as rare as mine, only one consultant will show up!  The search feature has greatly improved since I became a consultant 6 years ago.  Back then I didn’t even show up when I typed my zip code!  

When you search by consultant, you have the option of adding a consultant ID (if you can remember that), first name or last name.  I tried that using just my first name and just my last name and both ended up showing me as one of the consultants available.  There are a lot of people with my last name!

Finding me is easy if you use my first name.

Other Beautycounter Consultant Locator Options


Pinterest basically works like a search engine.  When I typed “beautycounter consultant” into the search at the top of the page, many pins came up.  If you look at the bottom of the pins, you can see who pinned them.  I also found several specific Beautycounter consultants by narrowing the search (on the right of the search bar) to “boards”.  

For an even narrower group of consultants I selected “people”.  

The downside to this process is that these boards don’t show where a pinner is located.  So if you’re looking for a consultant in your area, this is a tough one.  On the plus side, if you’re looking for a mentor in the business who has their social media down pact, you could look here.  


Many people use Instagram as a search tool.  When I typed beautycounterhawaii into the search at the top, I was quickly able to find one of the gals on my team.  She had used the hashtag #beautycounterhawaii on her picture.  I’m thinking I should be doing this too.  🙂

I tried it with beautycounter california and immediately found someone.  Again, this works if you’re looking for a local consultant but not someone specifically.  


Let’s face it, practically everyone has a facebook page.  I typed in beautycounter and a specific state and it pulled up lots of pertinent info.  I narrowed it down by clicking on “People” right below the search line.  Several BC Consultants popped up.  


I didn’t really want to talk about Google because it seems so obvious but you never know.  I typed in “beautycounter consultant chicago il” and after I skipped past those generic search lists that always pop up at the top, and the stuff from the beautycounter website, there were several names of specific beautycounter consultants.  

My Two Cents

If you’re looking for someone who can talk with you and introduce you to the products in person, then you definitely need to find a local consultant.  But if you’re interested in becoming a beautycounter consultant yourself, then you should just find someone who you think will help you.  Find someone who has their stuff together.  If you can’t find them on social media, chances are, they are not that involved in their biz.  If you can’t get them on the phone or on Facetime now, chances are they won’t be that supportive down the line.  

Personally, I’m really happy I joined up locally.  It’s nice when they show up at an event to help you succeed.  It can be a very powerful tool when you have a bunch of people who are as enthusiastic as you are, helping to strengthen your pitch and cheer you on.   On the other hand, my mentor’s mentor is not local and it works for us, too.  She is still able to communicate with us through Facebook Group, Text, Voxer and Zoom.  I can see both sides.  The bottom line is, find someone who wants you to succeed and who is experiencing success.    


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